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„Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”

Henry Ford

Dear Author, Dear Authoress,

have you written a monograph, article, textbook, or other study and would like the result of your work to be published? Do you need substantive and technical support? We are here to help you. Our offer includes statistical analysis and methodological consultation, solid language processing, translation of texts and abstracts, cover design, creation of illustrative material, and comprehensive editing services, as well as submissions of scientific texts and printing of your book. We also prepare ebooks (electronic editions of books in epub and mobi formats).

We work together with you for the success of your book, article, study, or textbook. You will find detailed information below. Please note that we can carry out all services comprehensively or just the stage you require.

Statistical analyses and methodological consultations

Statistical analyses and methodological consultations

Dear Author, please be aware that due to the specific nature of the social sciences in which we specialise and out of concern for the highest quality of our work, clear criteria for pricing a research service are difficult to formulate, hence an additional consultation with you will be necessary. This will only be followed by a summary of the overall shape of the project and a final valuation of the service.

I. Methodological consultations

This type of service is designed for people who already have an understanding of WHAT they want to research, but are struggling to identify HOW they want to research. So, depending on what question you want to answer, as part of our service, we will help you:
• sort out your variables and turn them into indicators so that you can make a quantitative measurement; • determine the desired research sample structure; • select measurement methods and create research tools.

II. Statistical consultation

This type of service is designed for people who already have an understanding of WHAT and HOW they want to research, and additionally have a basic knowledge of statistics that allows them to freely operate the most popular software on the market but have difficulty in determining with what specific methods and analytical techniques they want to answer their research questions. So, depending on what research question you want to answer, as part of our service we will help you select the appropriate tests that will address your problem in the most precise way.

III. Statistical analysis

This type of service is designed for people who already have an understanding of WHAT and HOW they want to research, but do not have the substantive and technical knowledge of statistics to select and implement specific tests themselves. Thus, depending on the research question you wish to answer, as part of our service we will help you to select the appropriate statistical tests and then carry out the tests agreed upon within the framework of the contract and prepare an appropriate - depending on your needs - baseline or in-depth analytical report, precisely addressing your problems.

IV. Database development

This type of service is designed for people who have collected research material in the form of surveys, interviews, or observation worksheets, but do not have the skills to code them. We will help you create a database (in the most common formats, i.e., .csv, .sav, .xls, .xlsx) and prepare a coder (a short, personalised manual) for you, describing your variables coded in the database.

Additional information:

Our team currently works on a diverse range of analytics platforms, which include packages:
• commercial: IBM SPSS, Statistica; • non-commercial: JAMOVI, JASP, R Software, Orange Data Mining, PSPP.

Submission of research papers

In the light of modern scientific reality, writing of an article is only the beginning of the road leading to the dissemination of research results. Renowned scientific periodicals require the authors to submit articles through the variety of submission platforms. EDUsfera Academic Press is pleased to offer comprehensive assistance in submitting scientific articles to the most prestigious periodicals.

If you are looking for professional assistance in preparing and submitting your manuscript to a respected scientific journal, our offer is just perfect for you. We provide comprehensive assistance, covering all stages of the publication process, from the selection of the right journal to the continuous monitoring of the submission status throughout the editorial process. Taking into account the specific nature of the research topic and the editorial requirements, our editorial team offers individual support in selecting the most suitable scientific journal. We carefully analyse every aspect of language and form, ensuring that the content and data are appropriately presented and all editorial criteria are met. Thanks to our services, your article will be prepared in accordance with the highest standards and formal requirements of journals with a high impact factor.

We kindly invite you to use the opportunity and take advantage of our services, which will not only facilitate the publication process, but also increase the chances of success of your scientific article.

Proofreading and editorial revision of research papers

At our publisher, we will edit your text and proofread it, which means we will make grammatical, stylistic, lexical, syntactical, and logical corrections, as well as catch and correct any spelling, punctuation, inflexion, stylistic errors, etc. As a result, your text will be clear, free of errors, and understandable to the reader. Our specialists will check it for both linguistic errors and overall composition in a single reading and in one comprehensive service. We can do this for texts in Polish, English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Scientific translations


Polish, English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

As EDUsfera Academic Press, we also offer translation services. If you need to prepare a text or abstract in English, Russian, or Ukrainian, we are glad to help you. We are staffed by specialists for whom these languages are native (so-called “native speakers”). We offer standard and certified translations (commonly called sworn translations) from and into Russian.

Infobrokering and library searches

We provide services for searching for valuable and reliable sources of information, consulting on the subject of literature selection, and completing bibliographic searches based on all available scientific databases and available bibliographies, within the scope of the subject of the study.

Graphic design

We offer comprehensive support in the field of graphic design. These include: • graphic design of events e.g., scientific conferences, exhibitions, • logo design and visual identification, • cover designs together with visualisations, • pictograms, infographics, diagrams, charts, • designs of leaflets, brochures, catalogues, • calendars, advertising gadgets, • websites, • development of marketing material for social media profiles.

Editorial services, typesetting and formatting of text

Besides linguistic editing, we also do technical editing, compiling and standardising footnotes, tables and charts, and drawing up indexes. Publication typesetting and prepress are also no secrets to us. Our specialists are experienced in this area. We work in the APA and Chicago systems. In addition, we also prepare ebooks (epub and mobi).

Printing of monographs, textbooks

Printing of monographs, studies, and textbooks. In our publisher, we print using low-volume digital printing and high-volume offset printing in slipcase, glued and stitched booklet, hardback book, and spiral binding.

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