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The EDUsfera Academic Press conducts activities related to the publication of peer-reviewed scientific monographs in the social sciences and humanities, in particular, dedicated to the triad:

Family – Upbringing – Education

The mission of the publisher is to create a space for discourse on family, upbringing, and education, as well as to inspire the search for educational solutions for representatives of the practices. The EDUsfera Academic Press has also begun publishing peer-reviewed scientific monographs in the social sciences and humanities

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The following aims have been set for the EDUsfera Academic Press: exchange of historical and contemporary thought on the family, upbringing, and education between Polish and foreign centres, to create a field for the reception of historical thought and past practice for contemporary theoretical and practical solutions relating to the family: its support, assistance, and care, comparing theoretical and practical achievements in the fields of education and upbringing in the historical and contemporary context in different countries, promoting the achievements of Polish theoretical and practical thought in the fields of family, upbringing, and education among Polish theoreticians and practitioners and internationally, integrating the scientific community and representatives of the practices in Poland and abroad.

The activities of the EDUsfera Academic Press are supported by the Publishing Board, chaired by Professor Stefania Walasek. The Publishing Board ensures the observance of the established procedure of scientific/academic review and principles of publication ethics following the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines. In addition, the EDUsfera Academic Press operates in the Open Access system, disseminating research results through electronic publications available to a wide range of readers. This provides an opportunity for an unrestricted exchange of academic ideas, presenting the research reports of Polish authors internationally, and popularising knowledge in society.

It should be emphasised that operating within the Open Access system and publishing academic monographs under the Creative Commons licence is a modern but still underestimated publishing model in Poland, which makes it possible for every recipient to get acquainted with the content of a publication without any technical or financial limitations. It also responds to the demand for the availability to taxpayers of the conclusions of research financed from public funds, which is posed in many grant competitions organised both at national and international levels.

Self-publising and
services to science

Self-publising and services to science

Dear Author, have you written a monograph, article, textbook, or other study and would like the result of your work to be published? Do you need substantive and technical support? We are here to help you. We work together with you for your publishing success.

Our offer includes: methodological consultations, statistical consultations, statistical analysis, database development, scientific translations, proofreading and editorial revision of research papers, editorial services, typesetting and formatting of text, graphic design, submission of research papers, infobrokering and library searches, printing of monographs and textbooks.

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We create a space for discourse on family, upbringing, and education, and inspire educational solutions for practitioners.

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We promote the achievements of Polish theoretical and practical thought in the areas of family, upbringing, and education among Polish theorists and practitioners.

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