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Review procedure

Each registered and anonymised paper is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers, according to the double-blind review principle, i.e., both the identity of the reviewer and the author are concealed during the review process. Obtaining two positive reviews is a prerequisite for the article to be accepted for further publication.

The reviewer cannot be related to the author in any way (be the author’s promoter, collaborator, etc.). Reviewers are required to adhere to the principles of publication ethics, by the guidelines of the (Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)). Detailed information is available under Publication ethics.

As part of the double blind review review procedure, authors are required to submit via the Editorial Submission System (1) a title page containing the title of the article, the authors’ details, including names, qualifications and titles, affiliations with postal addresses, e-mail addresses, ORCID numbers of the authors, indication of the corresponding author with his/her telephone number; (2) the actual text in anonymised form, prepared according to the following rules: • removal of authors’ names and affiliations, • use of the third person when referring to earlier works by authors, • indicating footnotes to earlier works of authors in anonymised form (e.g., Anonymous, 2009, p. 24) • checking that figures, graphs, and tables do not contain any indication of the author’s person or affiliation, • limiting references to previously prepared works only to the extent necessary for the proper conduct of the review process, • in the bibliography, references to the author’s previous publication should be written as follows: (Anonymous, 2007). [Details omitted for the double-blind review procedure], • removal of references to sources of funding, • removal of acknowledgement information, • removal of any other information identifying the authors.

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